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Welcome to the web site of the Old Farnhamians' Association,
organisation that unites the former pupils and staff of
Grammar School


During the period 1585 to 1973, Farnham Grammar School educated several thousand boys from the town of Farnham and the surrounding villages; in the later years, many boys from other towns such as Guildford, Woking and Godalming also attended this school. The OFA exists to provide a continuing link amongst the 'old boys' of that school.

If you are a former pupil of Farnham Grammar School, you will be particularly interested in this web site. Although, with the natural course of events, the OFA membership will decline, there remains great value in continuing the association. This web site is, inter alia, an accumulating collection of the history of the old school, its boys and masters, and the events that influenced and moulded the lives of many people. The information we gather here will be passed on to future generations. It is hoped that this web site will therefore exist, in some form, after the OFA and FGS have passed into history.

Despite the sad death of many older members and the fact that the stream of school leavers joining the association ceased in 1975, the membership has not declined in recent years. More old boys, not previously actively connected to the OFA, have discovered the joy of being reunited with friends from long ago.

Membership of the OFA is open to all former pupils for the subscription of £10 per annum. An annual dinner takes place in April (normally at the former school premises in Morley Road) and the magazine The Farnhamian is mailed once a year to all paid-up members. To become a paid up member, simply print out the application form, complete it and post it to the treasurer. Every October, a lunch is held at a venue near Southampton and the '400 Trust', established by the OFA, sponsors a lecture that takes place in Farnham every year.

This site serves to connect old school friends who may have lost contact. The activities and events of the OFA are posted routinely on this site. Please note that old boys, whether or not they are paid-up members, are welcome to attend our dinners and any other activities.

There is a section on this site containing news of old boys that has been contributed by the old boys themselves and others. This information is to be found in the Web-Members Section, which can be accessed, without charge, by registering and obtaining a password (click the Members' Section ). You will be asked to state your name, indicating the years you attended the school, and giving your e-mail address (please be precise with this). The password will be e-mailed to you shortly thereafter. Your details will be retained for updating you on how to access the section should we change the password in the future. (This procedure is to minimise the risk of old boys receiving unsolicited communications by having personal details visible in the public section of the site.)

During 2003. we established an on-line library of The Farnhamian magazines, published between 1912 and 1973, plus the OFA newsletters that were distributed thereafter until 1993. The library is split into a Public Section (magazines more than 70 years old) and an OFA Members’ Library. These files are well worth reading. Most of them display the magazines as true images of the original printed versions, but with the great advantage that you can search the magazines for names etc. Click here to find out how to access this part of the website.

Please contribute to this site and The Farnhamian by e-mailing news of yourself and other old boys. Contact e-mail addresses are shown in the Web-Members Section. Please indicate if you are willing for your e-mail address to be quoted in the Web-Members Section so that people can get in touch with you.


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Edwin Arthur Drew OBE (1928 – 1933)

We are sad to report the passing of Edwin (“Teddie”) Drew on Tuesday 17th February, 2015,
aged 97. Teddie was one of our most distinguished old boys and his obituary will
be published on this website after his funeral.

The funeral will take place on Tuesday, 3 March at noon at
Northaw Church, EN6 4NW, where he worshipped regularly.

Posted Friday, 20 February, 2015




Old Boys who have expired in one way or another
are you one?

Your webmaster needs to be informed of any change of email address
by old boys who have registered with this website.

Some email addresses fail when we send out mass mailings of upcoming
events and our listing is marked accordingly as a warning to others that the address is invalid.

After some time, we have to assume that the member has either died or totally lost interest in the OFA. Here is a list of old boys for whom the email addresses are failing. Please re-register if your name is on this list. After a month or two, we shall remove your name from the contact list if we haven’t heard.

Michael Lock, Colin Batterbury, Roger Walton, Brian Lake, Richard Cooke, Alan Hewins, Andrew Galfskiy, Chris Ballamy, Keith Roberts, George Allman , Jim B. Lee, David Mills, Stuart Bailey, Philip Harris, Barry Stevens, Ian Bruce, John Harris, David S. Jarvis , Paul Bailey, Alexander Park, Neil Carmichael, Michael Haworth, Stephen Tompkins, Paul Wright, Colin Spence.

Posted Monday, 20 June, 2011





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