Farnham Honours Sir Jeffrey Tate CBE

29th May 2018

Farnham Town Council decided to honour the memory of one of its highest achieving former residents by adding a plaque bearing the name of old boy Jeffrey Tate (1954 – 1961). Jeffrey’s achievements are recorded in his obituary. There are still many hundreds of living old boys of Farnham Grammar School and perhaps greatness and national or international recognition awaits one of them which can then be celebrated on this site, but attaining Jeffrey Tate’s accomplishments will be quite a challenge in the years that remain!

The event on 29th May 2018 was a happy affair for the dozens of people invited, which included many relatives of Jeffrey, including his sister Jill. The Mayor of Farnham, Councillor David Attfield, spoke on the site of the special wall in South Street carrying the plaques of many Farnham people of fame and achievement. The assembled people, following a photograph, then made their way to the Council Chamber for refreshments and brief speeches by the Mayor, Jill Denbigh (Jeffrey’s sister) and your webmaster Ian Sargeant.



Film Clip of Unveiling
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Jill Denbigh’s Tribute
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Ian Sargeant’s Tribute
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