Old Farnhamians' Association

The OFA 88th President's Annual Lunch and the 2021 Autumn Lunch

6th October, 2021


Few of our big lunches have been as eagerly anticipated, or approached with such apprehensive expectancy, as this landmark meal. It was more than a nourishing and enjoyable culinary experience, it was a sign that life might be reasserting itself to the way we had enjoyed it in the previous decades of our existence.  It was almost exactly two years since our last encounter with each other in the jovial conviviality that characterises our association’s events.  But the first item on our agenda – which only had two items on it – was to mark solemnly the passing of many of our number as our president read their names to a quietened room.

Item two was simply a good meal and much bonhomie amongst friends we had known, in many cases, since childhood. The OFA lives!

Ian Sargeant
Wednesday, 06 October, 2021























Andrews G

Martin GR

Andrews T

Matthews AR

Batchelor H

Matthews J

Beal C

Mayne EP

Bennett R

McManamon DG

Blunt DJ

Mentzel K

Clarke J

Mortimer K

Cleminson RS

Mullins C

Cope JA

Paget N

Cope P

Parker J

Crotty J

Peace J

Daniels B

Phillips D

Edgell DJ

Pritchard SG

Edgell RG

Remington R

Elsmore D

Sargeant IC

Ewbank Smith M

Seignot M

Frampton RA

Seignot MD

Golding RA

Sherwood JH

Hall BA

Shipton R

Hewes RH

Timmins N

Homewood T

Travers J

Honey GH

Watts M

Jarvis C

Walden J

Jeffreys M

Webb L

Lord RA

Webberley B

Lord S

Welland Jones R

Luckhurst R

Williams BR






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