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At the last general meeting of the OGA in September 2016 it was, with great sadness,
agreed that the association would be wound up. This was a result of the fact that
it had proved impossible to find a secretary to carry out the essential functions
involved in running the Old Girls’ Association.

There was just the final distribution of a Newsletter edited by
Jill Goddard in Spring 2017 which is now available at
 the Members’ Section of this website in the link below.

This website will remain open for the foreseeable future and
is available for any former old girls of FGGS to post messages or
announcements via the webmaster.

Ian Sargeant
Tuesday, 28 March, 2017



Farnham Girls’ Grammar School was founded, by the Reverend Thory Gage Gardiner, in 1901 and started life at 74 Castle Street before moving to East Street...




…then West Street

…up to Menin Way, to a beautiful new building opened by the Duchess of Gloucester, in 1939. FGGS closed in 1973 and those still at school moved to the Farnham Grammar School building in Morley Road, now named Farnham College, to complete their education up to 6th Form level.  The Menin Way building became South Farnham School but the Honours Boards are still in the hall and the Old Girls’ Association is welcomed back as part of the family.

Although there are references to an Old Girls’ Association, in magazines before the First World War, continuous records only go back to 1919. OGA Membership stands at about 730 which includes the new category of Associate Membership for those who are interested in the OGA but do not qualify for full membership by being former pupils or Members of Staff.

Attendance is good at the two events held each year at Menin Way. There is a Spring Party, for members and their friends, and the Reunion and AGM is held in September.  Two letters are sent out each year and the response, especially from those too far away to come to meetings, is very pleasing and helps to provide information for the annual Newsletter. Anyone interested in the OGA should get in touch with the Secretary, Gill Baston (now Picken), at fggsoga@gmail.com. Bringing old friends together and maintaining the memories and history of a school, that no longer exists, is surely what the Old Girls Association is all about.




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