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Dietmar Kuchemann, Geoff Dudley, Mick Watts, John Matthews & Ian Sargeant attending the funeral of Dick Hill in Brighton

Saturday, 22 February, 2020

Not a regular scheduled event for this group to get together. It was a sad gathering to celebrate the life of RI “Dick” Hill who was a Fifty Fiver (except he joined FGS late in 1956 in Form 2P). One of the best athletes and sportsmen of the school, he was also one of the most popular boys with an engaging personality and good humour.



LtoR: Ian Sargeant, Mick Watts, John Weakley, Derek Roe, John Matthews, Chris Slyfield and Chris Nash

12 June, 2018

When youth is fled and blood runs thin…

These words from the school song represented some of the ideas running through the minds of this gathering which was the annual meeting of a group of friends who first met each other as lively little chaps in the first forms of FGS over 63 years ago. What changes we have all seen – particularly in each other. Except we are all recognisably the people we knew from the old days and the comradeship remains very strong and supportive.

One or two we hoped might turn up didn’t make it, but seven of us from a total intake of about 60 isn’t bad. And although we still mourn the loss of that stalwart Duncan McGregor, we haven’t lost any others of our group in the last 12 months as far as we know. Yes, we’ll be there next year DV.


13 June, 2017

Hmm! Numbers down this year to a mere half dozen. Sadly Duncan McGregor died suddenly in a car accident since the last meeting and Tony Hayward was unable to attend this year. But the discourse was still lively with much discussion about the recent general election and where the UK should now go. Some of the other customers may have thought this was just a meeting of a few old buffers slurping their drinks, but they didn’t realise the pure brilliance and insight that was being dispensed in this corner of a remote pub.




Tuesday, 14 June 2016

The usual suspects gathered again at the usual watering hole in Puttenham for their usual annual reminiscence and grumble about the state of the world and their well-informed views on how matters could be put right. The gap in this page’s reporting of last year’s get-together is the fault of the webmaster who forgot the date and stayed home to watch television. It seems likely that the agenda of the meetings was very similar, though this year there was, of course, the hot topic of the next week’s referendum on continued membership of the EU. There was almost total unanimity for…

….mind your own business!



LtoR: Chris Nash, John Matthews, Derek Roe, Duncan McGregor, Mick Watts, Ian Sargeant & Chris Slyfield


Wednesday, 04 June, 2014

Bit of a drop in the numbers this year. Have some fallen off the perch? Happily not, as far as we know. There were some apologies from regulars, but not many explanations for absence. So the old faithfuls got on with the serious business of drinking, reminiscing and exchanging views on the rights and wrongs of Nigel Farage. Some good jokes were told which we hadn’t heard before, or had we…. who cares? We enjoyed them.



LtoR: Tony Hayward (back), Ian Sargeant, Chris Slyfield (front), Derek Roe,
Duncan McGregor, Chris Nash, John Matthews, Mick Watts and Geoff Holliday

Tuesday, 11 June, 2013

This familiar gathering of familiar faces in a familiar setting must be a very boring sight for anyone who isn’t actually one of the old boys who joined FGS in September 1955. Eavesdropping the animated conversations that take place would also be very tedious to someone who isn’t from that extremely select group; in other words the rest of the world will not be remotely interested in the event depicted above when 9 boys who first met each other almost 58 years ago in temporary classrooms at Morley Road, Farnham met at a pub near Farnham for an annual exchange of news and a moan about how the world needs fixing by sensible people such as themselves.



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LtoR: Duncan McGregor, Ian Sargeant , Tony Hayward, Geoff Dudley, Richard Hill,
Dudley Coakes,, John Matthews, Mick Watts, Chris Slyfield, John Weakley, & Chris Nash


7 June 2011

Still at it, the Fifty-Fivers met this time in the summer to reminisce (again) over the old times, tell stories of their misspent youth, discuss cars they used to own, moan about how things have changed for the worse, drink very moderate amounts of alcohol and… have a thoroughly enjoyable evening together. The Good Intent at Puttenham was the destination where the regulars were very puzzled to see a group of people they thought must be aging Hollywood stars judging from their good looks and Adonis-like appearance.


The Ski Holiday 1961
By special request, here are the pictures from Geoff Dudley’s collection of pictures taken in or around 1961 at an
FGS ski trip under the leadership of Neil (Paddy) Payne



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LtoR: Paul Steadman, Tony Hayward, Dudley Coakes, Duncan McGregor, Chris Nash,
John Weakley, John Matthews, Ian Sargeant & Chris Slyfield.

10 February, 2009

No, not just another bunch of OAPs meeting for a pint, they are the 1955 intake of FGS all now in the course of achieving pensionable age. Nine old boys, representing 15% of the year group, made this annual get-together which has lasted for several years, as displayed below. No longer The Harrow Group, as the venue has changed, they meet with genuine pleasure to recall and recount, to celebrate and regret all manner of shared and individual experiences. Long may this thoroughly healthy and worthwhile annual ritual continue!




LtoR: Dudley Coakes, Chris Nash, Duncan McGregor, Chris Slyfield, Tony Hayward, John Weakley & Ian Sargeant

20 February, 2008

Same crowd (more or less), same location, beer tasted the same, the bellies are all a bit bigger and the stories of the old days are as fresh as ever in our minds – this is the stuff of life, not at all boring! The 1955 intake kept the flame burning for another year!






L to R: Tony Hayward, Duncan McGregor, Richard Hill, Ian Sargeant, John Weakley, Chris Slyfield and Chris Nash


Wednesday, 21 February, 2007

The usual group of the 1955 intake met at their customary watering hole of “The Harrow” pub in Compton for the usual evening of reminiscence and mutual admiration. They were instantly recognisable by the fact that most were wearing the same clothes as in previous years.

The animated discussion inevitably turned towards Duncan’s car collection – what car had he come in tonight? It turned out to be his Aston Martin DB4, so the last act of the evening was to be photographed around this glorious classic.





LtoR: Richard Hill, Tony Hayward, Ian Sargeant, Chris Nash and Duncan McGregor.

14 February 2006

The annual get-together of old boys met at The Harrow, Compton on 14 February. (This event gets good coverage on this site because it includes the webmaster.) There were several apologies for absence, so the group isn’t necessarily shrinking! We should perhaps avoid evenings when some people seem to feel obliged to have a romantic evening with their wives or mistresses (though not both at the same time, one assumes).




24 February, 2005

The intake of 1955 met again at The Harrow in Compton to celebrate 50 years since they came together as first formers at FGS. Convened by Tony Hayward, there were 8 old boys from that year group of  60, which represents, er…um…, well quite a good percentage.


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Friday, 21 June, 2002

Chris Nash, Dick Hill, Ian Sargeant, Duncan McGregor, Mike Peer & Chris Slyfield

Mike Peer and Gerry Meaden

Tony Hayward, Chris Nash & Chris Slyfield

Duncan McGregor & Dick Hill

  Article on this reunion in News of Old Boys in the Web-Members' Section

Tuesday, 27 February, 2001

Nearly a dozen old boys, mostly from the 1955/56 intake, met for what is now a traditional get-together at The Harrow pub in Compton. This annual event is largely inspired by Tony Hayward and Chris Nash, who network their contemporaries with the details. Nothing elaborate - just a drink together for a catch-up on news of each other and to enjoy a nostalgic reminiscence. Here's a couple of pics…

Chris Williams, Gerry Meaden, John Weakly, Chris Nash, Duncan McGregor, Tony Hayward and Chris Slyfield

Duncan McGregor, Chris Slyfield, A.N. Other and Paul Steadman


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