OFA & OGA Joint Garden Party

Held at Farnham College 23 June 2012

The second joint Garden Party took place two years following the first and it was equally successful and enjoyable. The event was tinged with the  sadness that the location was changed from the home of Alison Schofield to Farnham College as a result of the sudden illness and death of Alison, President of the Old Girls’ Association. Patricia Atkinson paid tribute to Alison when welcoming the assembled group of well over 100 old boys and old girls.

Taking place within a period of near-extreme wet weather across the country, the attendees were grateful that it hardly rained at all and the marquee was fairly large. Excellent refreshments and a good supply of alcohol or non-alcohol ensured all the assembled people’s needs were satisfied. There were thanks paid to many people who had assisted in the event and in other ways during the past year and the loud buzz of chatter and conviviality confirmed the fact that everyone enjoyed a good dose of nostalgic reminiscence.


Ian Sargeant




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List of those Attending


Bryan Bone (1948-52)


John Clarke (1971- 78)


Mike Mehta (1971-78)


Gill Baston (now Picken) (1955-60) with husband David Picken


Cyril Trust (1948-53) with wife Pauline Trust


John Crotty (1942-48) with wife Joan Crotty


Michael Horner (1943-48)


Deborah Protheroe (1972-77)


Jackie Ward (now May) (1971-77)


Janice Wonham (now Charman) (1946-51) with husband John Charman


Christine Pelling (now Ayres) (1944-51) with husband Tom Ayres


John Knotts (1940-46) with wife Joyce Knotts


Beryl Knotts (1940-46)


Gillian Croker (now Benson) (1970-77)


Sandra Cranswick (now Philpott) (1954-61) with husband Peter Philpott


Ian Sargeant (1955 – 62) with Margaret Morris (now Sargeant) (1961 –66)


Rosemary Walker (now Godfrey) (1945 – 52)


Jill Permain (now Wells) (1957-62) with Ian Permain (1959-64)


Rosemary Hales (1940-47)


Daphne Boskett (now Howlett) (1944-49)


Keith Mentzel (1946-53) with his wife Ann


Anne Chant (now Turnbull) (1946-53)


Veronica Edwards (now Sawyer) (1946-53)


Jean Spencer (now Allen) (1943-48)


Sheila Barton (now Zazzera) (1970-77)


Julia Beeken (now Wilson) (1947-55)


Sara Jago (now Horwood) (1970-71)


Mary King (now Laws ) (1937-41)


Helen Ord (now Lloyd) (1944-51) with husband Raymond


Audrey Hewes (now Wells) (1942-47)


Valerie Wooderson (now Wilson) (1947-51)


Iris Gatfield (now Parrott) (1946-51)


Pam Phillips (now Chivers) (1957-62)


Eileen Barnard (now Onslow) (1947-53) with a guest


Biz [Elizabeth] Birch (now Cassell) (1955-62)


Gladys Sheath (now Rummery) (1943-48)


Pat Turner (now Atkinson) (1946-52)


Martin Dacosta (1964-69)


Sylvia Dubut (now Backhurst) (1946-53)


Derek Bowtell (1945-52)


Helen Dibdin (now Hope) (1970-77)


Dennis Phillips (1946-52)


Doris Leitch (now Wooding) (1946) with husband Michael


Julian Walden (1971-78)



Brenda Davies (now Broomhead) (1948-1952)


Frederick Lassam (1942-1947)


Carol Mcmahon (now Pritchard) (1971-1973)


Caroline Dossor (now Frisby) (1970-1975)


Jane Hurdle (now Gates) (1954-1960)


Stella Davies (now Bolt) (1945-1950)


Georgina Crawley (now Crawley) (1969-1973)


Helen Collett (now Kennedy) (1973-1978)


Maureen Turner (now Bleeker) (1946-1952)


Brian Williams (1960-1965)


Heather Puttick (now Banks) (1944-1949)


Mark Booker (now Booker) (1964-1971)


Sheila Hill (now Hart) (1948-1952)


Sheila Woodger (now Holmes) (1942-1948)


Chris Nash (1955-1960)


Martin Collier (1971-1978)


Maurice Sturt (1943 - 1949)


Christine Little (now Sturt) (1945-1952)


Anne Pullinger (daughter of FGS staff)


Bruce Phillpott (1944-1949)


Maureen Fludder (now Blake) ()


Yvonne Coomber (now Walter) (1947-1952)


Fred Carter (Director of Farnham College) & Hilary Carter


John Saunders (1971-1978)


Valerie (Paddy) Harper (now Lewis) (1959-1962)


Kay Kemp (now Houlin) (1959-1961)


Roger Moorcroft


Karen Morgan (now Watson)


Isabel Swain (now Steel)


Lindsay Chiswell (now Chiswell)


Jill Goddard


David Blunt (1955-1961)


Dawn Blunt


John McLaughlin (ex FGS Staff)


Geoff Lawrence (1966-1971)


Derry Ivison (1964-1971)


Andrea Keeling (now Hay) (1965-1972)


Claire Booker (now Choudhury) (1968-1973)


Tim Lowry (1964-1971)


Peter K. Hayman (1970-1977)


Jill Glastonbury (now Sullivan) (1954-1961)


Margaret O'Donnell (now White)


Joan Dalrymple (now Cotterill) (1944-1952)


Pamela Dare (now Braithwaite) (1959-1963)


Adrienne Tayler


Henry Galligan (1970-1977)


Margaret Pearce (now Carpenter) (1954-1959)


Jerry Hyman (1970-1977)


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