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There is a large collection of photographs in the OFA Archives and there must be many photographs in the albums and collections of old boys and their families. We will publish as many as possible on these pages - there should be enough around to keep us busy for quite a while. Visit this section of the site from time to time to see how we are doing. If you have a scanner and you have pictures you wish to share with us, please email them to me in JPG format. Alternatively, please contact me to arrange for the picture to be scanned.

It is interesting to add details to the old photographs, particularly peopleís names, and some of the large school photographs have full name lists that we are slowly completing within these pages. Please email any additional names or details that you can recall. If we get photographs of events, it will be interesting to add anecdotal detail, so letís hear your reminiscences.

Ian Sargeant


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