Old Farnhamians' Scholarship Trust


The Old Farnhamians’ Leaving Scholarship Trust was established in the 1920's to make grants to former pupils of Farnham Grammar School who were pursuing further education or career training. Funds were mainly accumulated, over many years, from insurance commissions that were donated via schemes arranged by old boys of the school.

The objectives of the trust are now fulfilled by making grants to former and current students of Farnham College (though ‘old boys’ of FGS may also receive grants as mature students).

Students leaving Farnham College, who intend to go to University, Higher Education or some other form of continuing education, can apply for a grant. Past students may also apply if, having started a career, they later decide to enrol as mature students for re-training or an additional degree of some kind.

Types of Grant

The trust offers two kinds of grant — general grants (to help with maintenance costs and course fees) and small grants (to help towards the cost of books, equipment, computer software, etc that relate to the course of study). The trustees have absolute discretion to decide who will be awarded grants and in what amounts. The trustees also have the right to refuse to make an award without giving a reason. In 2018, the trust agreed to make grants available to current students of Farnham Sixth Form College in collaboration with the management of the college and coordinated with a similar offered by the Dempster Trust.

General Grants

General grants are assessed according to special needs arising from the absence of state subsidies, county awards, student loans etc. for certain students, or from the particular circumstances of individual students. Applications can be made at any time.

Small Grants

Small grants, not exceeding £100, are being made to help cover specific costs that students incur for their studies. No special examination of their personal circumstances is required. Students are asked to indicate the particular costs they are claiming and attach some kind of evidence that they have incurred them (receipt or invoice). Applications for grants can be submitted at any time and are then normally dealt with on a 6-month cycle up to 30th November and 30th May each year. If there is an excess of applications, grants are awarded, at the discretion of the trustees, according to the relative merits of the courses being pursued and the intended careers of the students. Higher priority is accorded to vocational careers. The awards are  announced as soon as possible after they are approved. Although a reference is not requested, the trustees reserve the right to contact Farnham College to confirm information that is given in the application.



Individual students should not apply for both types of grant at the same time. Application forms can be obtained from Farnham College, or Dr Brian Williams (Secretary OFLST), 8 Trebor Avenue, Farnham, GU9 8JH or by clicking one of the links below and printing the form.

Application Form for a General Grant (Word doc)


Application Form for a Small Grant (Word doc)


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