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First Farnham Festival in 1961


Your webmaster recalls how Alan Fluck started talking within FGS about the possibility of a grand schools music festival for Farnham in 1960 with the novel idea of commissioned music sponsored by private individuals and local businesses. It all seemed a bit pie in the sky to his pupils who couldnít understand why people would put up money for such a project. Alanís enthusiasm was undaunted by our scepticism. He and the Rector, Rev Hedley Wilds, gathered together a large body of supporters in the town, many of them musicians themselves, others music-lovers and supporters willing to help in practical ways. Local music teachers and conductors of choirs cooperated very willingly in what was deemed to be a pilot project with a view to creating a regular music event in Farnham.

The result was a great success and the cuttings below testify to the great impact this festival had. They come from Alanís collection of memorabilia. Unlike the other events he masterminded, we seem to have no proper photographs. He kept scrapbooks across the years neatly set out, but not of this. The reason is probably the fact that he depended on the Farnham Herald for his record of this, but he does not seem to have actually bought any original copies of the photos.

Ian Sargeant



The Farnhamian Magazine Ė July 1961
Alan Fluckís Music Report for the school year




Farnham Herald

February 1961

Probably March or April 1961



May 5, 1961

May 12, 1961

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