The Farnhamian

The school magazine began life as a printed publication in 1912. For many years prior to this, a hand-written chronicle had been created by senior boys and passed around (click here). The OFA has a complete set of the printed magazines.

As a special project, the association agreed in 2002 to create an on-line library of the magazines, available to fully paid-up members of the OFA. This will was completed in 2004. At the AGM in February 2003, it was agreed that magazines older than 70 years will be made available in the public sector of the site.

To  access the Members’ Library, you need to be a fully paid-up OFA member - web members will not be able to access the recent magazines unless they are also OFA members.

You reach the library by going via the “Members’ Section” on the homepage, or by clicking below.  From there you get access using the special login and password that should have been notified to you. If you are a fully paid-up OFA Member and you have not yet been given the password, go to the Members’ Section, register as a web member and then email Ian Sargeant from the Web Members’ page.

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