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83rd Annual Dinner






The 83rd dinner of the Old Farnhamians’ Association took place at the Legacy Hogs Back Hotel on 21 March 2015 attended by over 80 members in an atmosphere of cordiality and extreme good humour. Not a spring chicken amongst them, but a guest of honour who was one of the youngest present. Youth may have become a fading memory, but vitality was a current condition of all present. Lively discourse, perfect recall of distant events at school and bon homie in copious helpings was aided by an excellent meal and appropriate beverages.

Starting by remembering those old boys and staff who had passed away since the last annual dinner,  there was thereafter only a slight change to a well-entrenched order of events. We avoided the confusion of having the roll call at the same time as the loving cup is passed round in order that everyone could see who precisely had joined or departed the school in what year.

The guest of honour was Mike Potter CBE, Principal of Guildford College Group and thereby Principal of Farnham College. The President welcomed him to the meal as someone with a totally compatible pedigree to that of the members; he had gone to a grammar school in Staffordshire then moved to a newly established Sixth Form College to do his A Levels. His father had been a languages teacher in a different grammar school. After university he had had a distinguished career in the Royal Navy as a submariner and seen service in the Falklands and the Cold War before moving into an educational role within the Royal Navy. Mike was presented with an OFA tie and cuff links and welcomed as an honorary member for the duration of his appointment. He warmly thanked the members and indicated his pleasure to be joining them in the gathering. He was proud of the achievements of Farnham College which would continue to seek the best levels possible of academic attainment in the tradition of the old school.

The speeches were made by Bob Golding (1961 – 68) (The School), Jim Peace (1952 – 58) (The Association) and current President Ian Sargeant (1955 – 62) in reply. Humour, reminiscence and reflection were the themes and they were well received.

There were special thanks to those heavily involved in the organisation of the OFA and the event closed with the usual lusty singing of the school song followed by the national anthem.

Ian Sargeant
Wednesday, 08 April, 2015


Andrews G

Frampton RA

Luff WJ

Sargeant I

Andrews T

Gatfield A

Matthews AR

Sherwood JH

Batchelor H

Golding R

Matthews JR

Shipton RM

Beal C

Hall BA

Mayne EP

Spink AR

Bennett R

Hall M

McManamon DG

Slyfield CCS

Bone B

Hewes RH

Mentzel K

Steadman P

Bowtell D

Hibberd J

Mortimer K

Stenning R

Bowtell R

Homewood T

Mylles P

Sturt M

Buckell D

Honey GH

Nash C

Travers J

Cooke J

Hooker GL

Neave JJ

Torode H

Cranswick PI

Horner MJ

Peace J

Trust C

Crotty J

Hughes DP

Pesterfield JE

Upfold H

Cutler D

Innes Rev J

Phillips D

Watts M

Dawson MW

Jeffreys M

Phillips RM

Walsh WP

Edgell DJ

Kite RJ

Philpott B

Welland Jones R

Edgell RG

Lampard DE

Polglaze D

Williams BR

Elkins K

Le Vey GF

Pollard DR

Withall T

Elsmore D

Linney S

Potter M

Wingent MA

Fisher JM

Lord RA

Read PC

Wood N

Ford P

Luckhurst R

Sansom F

Wood R


Recordings of speeches on MP3 files:
 Bob Golding, Jim Peace and Ian Sargeant





Left to Right: Jim Peace, Hugh Bachelor, Ian Sargeant (Current OFA President), Bob Golding,
Michael Potter CBE (Principal of Guildford College Group) and Rev John Innes













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