Old Farnhamians' Association

87th Annual Dinner


23rd March 2019

On Saturday 23rd March almost seventy Old Farnhamians gathered at the Mercure Bush Hotel in the centre of Farnham for the 87th Annual Lunch. Once again the guests arrived from all parts of the country, and once again Roger Edgell, the event organiser had meticulously arranged an enjoyable afternoon. This would be his last time he took charge of the event after many years, and this time he wanted a more relaxed event to give more time for old friends and former classmates to talk to each other.

Prior to the excellent meal, those present stood as a mark of respect to the record number of twelve members who had died during the previous year. The afternoon also included the Roll Call, where Old Boys stood for the years that they attended the school. John Crotty was the first on his feet as he entered the school in 1942, and John Clarke, Julian Walden, David Bathurst, Adrian Harding and Mike Mehta were the final five, starting at the school in 1971.

Only one speech was made this time with Richard Phillips, the current President, taking the floor. In his address he outlined the Old Boys and Farnham Sixth Form College co-operating over the Bridge to Business Scheme, and the Happy Space Lectures arranged by Cyril Trust for all local schools, and covering the problems of stress on the mental health and well-being of students. He mentioned the forthcoming merger between the Guildford College Group and Activate Learning, and the possibilities of a new approach to college management and additional resources.

The President ambitiously felt that with care the Old Boys Association could continue for another fifteen years. He asked the younger members to play a larger part on the various committees. He finished with a toast to the Queen.

Cyril Trust advised that the new Farnhamian magazine would be available in a week or two and also announced that he had been asked by the College to arrange a garden party to be held at the College on Sunday 23rd June to welcome the new tenants of the College to the people of Farnham.

As usual the afternoon ended with all standing to sing the School Song and the National Anthem. Another very successful dinner for the Old Boys!

Attending: G.Honey: G.Andrews: B.Daniels: D.Phillips: N.Paget: T.Andrews: C.Trust: M.Jeffreys: H.Upfold: C.Mullins: K.Mortimer: K.Elkins: D.Blunt: A.Cannings: I. Sargeant: D.Coakes: R.Edgell: B.Hall: J.Matthews: M.Watts: E.Mayne: G.Martin: R.Luckhurst: J.Peace: D.Pollard: A.Homewood: A.Gatfield: W.Luff: J.Travers: N.Timmins: G.Hooker: K.Mentzel: D.Bowtell: R.Hewes: J.Crotty: J. Clarke: Rev.J.Innes: H.Batchelor: H.Groves: D.Hughes: M.Seignot: M.Booker: S.Lord: R.Golding: M.Ewbank-Smith: J.Pesterfield: R.Shipton: N.Wood: B.Williams: R.Lord: H.Torode: R. Frampton: C.Beal: D.McManamon: D.Polglaze: R.Phillips: W.Walsh: P.Dalton: D.Edgell: S.Linney: M.Wingent: R.Jones: M.Da Costa: R.Welland-Jones: S.Pritchard: R.Bennett: A.Harding: M.Mehta: D.Bathurst: J.Walden



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