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85th Annual Dinner





The Farnham Grammar School encouraged loyalty and comradeship and this was evident when over eighty former pupils and staff met for the 85th Annual Lunch of the Old Farnhamians’ Association at the Hogs Back Hotel on 25th March 2017. As usual the guests travelled from all parts of the country to meet old classmates and spend a few hours of nostalgia over a good lunch.

Brian Williams said grace after which all stood in respect, as the names of Old Boys who had died in the past year were read out.

The event was meticulously planned by the current President, Roger Edgell, and the afternoon went like clockwork. After an excellent meal the President proposed the loyal toast. This was followed by a few words from Cyril Trust, who advised that there were till some tickets remaining for the concert to be held at Farnham College on Saturday 1st April. The show was entitled “Jazz & Comedy at the College” and the proceeds would be used to purchase computer equipment for the college. Cyril also told the guests of his recent meeting with the great grand-daughter of the Rev. Samuel Priestley, headmaster from 1897 until 1918 and the man who introduced the Old Boys Association and the annual Farnhamian magazine, as well as oversee the school move from West Street to Morley Road. The lady had presented the association with her great grandfather’s watch dated 1874.

Derek Bowtell made the Roll Call and guests stood as he called out the years covering their years at school. John Crotty was first to stand for the year 1941 and John Clarke and Julian Walden were left standing with the year last year of grammar school pupils in 1978.

The guest speaker was Sally Francis, Principal at Farnham Sixth Form College from 1997 until 2007. She recalled her dealings with the Old Boys and appreciated being a life honorary member of the Association. Her speech was typical of this well liked Principal and contained some humorous recollections.

Gordon Andrews proposed the Toast to the Association and told the guests that in his youth he was a sickly child and frequently spent time ill in bed. To keep his mind active he began to explore mental arithmetic and in time could work out difficult mathematical sums in his head. Returning to school he amazed the teachers with this new found skill and gave an example to the guests of this. It was an interesting and very original toast.

Ted Mayne made the Toast to the Association and explained that after leaving school he worked for a while in France and improved his ability in the language. On returning home he applied, and surprisingly obtained, a position with the diplomatic corps. This resulted in many years travelling across the globe and he thanked the old school for giving him an excellent basic education.

Roger Edgell replied to both toasts with his dry wit and explained that the Old Boys were increasingly involved in supporting projects at the Sixth Form College. He welcomed former Principal Mike Potter to the dinner and said he would always be welcome. The current Director of Farnham SFC, Dr Jason Jones, was unable to attend at the last moment because his wife had suffered an accident and was having surgery that day.

Vice President, Richard Phillips, thanked Roger for all his hard work on behalf of the Association and the guests applauded their President.

The proceedings closed with all standing to sing the school song and the National Anthem. MC Clive Beal hoped to see the guests at the 2018 lunch and wished them a safe journey home. All present left the hotel after a most enjoyable afternoon and looked forward to meeting old pals in a year’s time.

Attending: G.Andrews: T.Andrews: H.Batchelor: C.Beal: D.Blunt: B.Bone: D.Bowtell: A.Chuter: J.Clarke: R.Cleminson: D.Coakes: J.Cope: P.Cope: J.Cotterill: P.Cranswick: J.Crotty: B.Daniels: D.Edgell: R.Edgell: K.Elkins: J.Fisher: P.Ford: R.Frampton: S.Francis: A.Gatfield: R.Golding: H.Groves: B.Hall: R.Hewes: T.Homewood: G.Honey: G.Hooker: C.Jarvis: M.Jeffreys: R.Jones: R.Kite: S.Linney: R.Lord: S.Lord: W.Luff: G.Martin: J.Matthews: E.Mayne: D.McManamon: K.Mentzel: A.Mills: R.Mingay: P.Mylles: C.Nash: J.Neave: I.Pearson: D.Phillips: R.Phillips: D.Polglaze: D.Pollard: M.Potter: S.Pritchard: J.Regan: W.Roffey: I.Sargeant: M.Seignot: C.Slyfield: N.Timmins: H.Torode: J.Travers: C.Trust: H.Upfold: J.Walden: W.Walsh: M.Watts: R.Welland-Jones: B.Williams: J.Wilkinson: M.Wingent: N.Wood.

Cyril Trust and Ian Sargeant
Sunday, 26 March, 2017



Audio Files of Speeches

Sally Francis    Gordon Andrews    Ted Mayne    President Roger Edgell

School Song (Music lovers may want to avoid listening to this!)




Speakers & guests LtoR: Gordon Andrews, Roger Edgell, Sally Francis, Hugh Batchelor, Ted Mayne and Michael Potter



Presidents past and present LtoR: Bryan Bone, Dennis Phillips, John Crotty, Ian Sargeant, Roger Edgell, Brian Daniels, Brian Williams & Cyril Trust































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