Old Farnhamians' Association


The School Song of
Farnham Grammar School


Words by F.A. Morgan

Music by Edward Dean

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On the great high road thro' Farnham town,

For years stood a school of fair renown.

Fam'd was she for the sons she bred,

Strong in the limb and level of head.

Within her walls they learned their part

To play as men in field and mart.




Sing hey! for Massingberde, Harding, Morley, Childe and School House too,

And shout for the house you play for,

That's the house for you.

But amid the shouts and the friendly bouts,

Remember the golden rule - pull together, whatever the weather,

Play up! Play up! School!



Now high on the hill she stands serene,

Set proudly amid her Surrey green.

Nurslings of her, 'tis our delight,

To sing her praise both day and night;

Content to feel that even we

Can help to make her history.



When youth is fled, and the blood runs thin,

And gone is the zest and will to win,

 'Tis good to know the school will still

Stand sentinel upon her hill,

Preserving always for mankind,

The lofty fortress of the mind.                        



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