Leonard Evans
1912 – 2003


Tuesday, 20 January, 2004

Leonard Evans was a master at Farnham Grammar School for 29 years, from 1946 until 1975 (the beginning of Farnham College). He taught Chemistry to a succession of boys who enjoyed his inimitable and slightly eclectic style of teaching. His enthusiasm for the subject, together with his equable and very approachable personality, generated an interest in many of his pupils and he inspired a good number to become chemists. He was proud in later life that there were five of his former pupils who became university Chemistry Professors.

A gathering of over 60 relatives and friends, including many old boys and former staff, met at Farnham Castle on 19th January 2004 to celebrate the life of Leonard, who died on 21 November, 2003. There were tributes paid to him from his family (sister, Hilda, and son, Jerry) and the OFA (by David Nunn (1947 - 52), who became a Pharmaceutical Chemist). At Leonard’s express wish, this was not a gloomy affair and there was a very jolly tea party afterwards.

The text of the tributes is available in News of Old Boys & Masters in the Members' Section of the website.









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