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2002 Lecture

 Paul Travers - "The Eden Project"

27th September, 2002

Paul Travers is the son of an old boy of FGS and a former Farnham College student. In her introduction of Paul, to a capacity audience at Farnham College, Principal Sally Francis said she had asked some of Paul’s contemporaries for their memories of the former student. He left the college in the early 1980s and those around at that time had two vivid recollections - long hair and music.

From his days as a long-haired song-writer, Paul has come a long way to find himself at the centre of one of Britain’s most exciting adventures. Being a long time friend and colleague of the founder (now the Chief Executive), Tim Smits, he became a part of the Eden Project around 1997 when it was just an extraordinary idea to build the world’s largest greenhouse near St Austell in Cornwall.

The audience was greatly diverted to hear his experiences, putting together such a remarkable project, one that now attracts around 1.5 million visitors a year.  Unlike the infamous dome, this was a millennium project that opened earlier than planned. This was thanks to the brainwave of building the visitor centre first and then selling tickets for visitors to watch the construction of the enormous geodesic design enclosures.

Paul has received great praise from many quarters for his contributions to the Eden Project and he gave us a memorable Farnham Lecture on the topic.

Eden Project


L to R: Roy Robins, Sally Francis, Maurice Sturt, Paul Travers, John Crotty, George Baxter, John McLaughlin, Dudley Backhurst, Cyril Trust


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